Explore Estonian e-Residency Service Providers

Explore Estonian e-Residency Service Providers

Estonia e-Residency program has been popular among entrepreneurs all around the world. Since its introduction in 2014, Estonia has allowed e-residents to access Estonian e-services. Thanks to this program, entrepreneurs become a part of the Estonian economy, without ever traveling to the country. We’ve explained all the highlights of the program in our Estonia e-Residency Guide.

The program has attracted entrepreneurs from over 175 countries since its introduction. Meanwhile, the marketplace of the service providers also evolved. In this article, we’ll get into Estonia e-residency service providers that you can make the most of. Let’s begin.


Xolo is a business set up in 2015 by a group of committed friends and business partners. The goal when setting up Xolo was to try and completely cut out the bureaucratic elements of setting up a business. Xolo strived toward this goal by establishing what their customers wanted, providing excellent support, and combining different factors of both private and public infrastructures.

Xolo makes the process of setting up a business incredibly easy. They take care of the process of getting your business off the ground. As well as this, you’ll also have the option to be able to set up your own Estonian Limited Liability Company. If you rather just send them the invoices without founding a company, that is always a possibility too with Xolo.


  • Xolo allows easy access to your business all over the world.
  • You’ll have the ability to create invoices, upload any expense documents you need, and see other important information such as account balances.
  • Xolo also ensures that the accounting aspects of your business are fully covered, too.

For more information, check our review on Xolo.


Comistar Estonia is a company that was founded upon no funding or experience from its founders. The only thing they had was the hunger and drive to succeed. Starting with just €5,000 in loaned money, in a small office, Comistar Estonia set out on its journey to succeed in 2013.

As a company, they offer great services in the areas of assisting in company registration within Estonia. As well as this, they offer Zero to Scale, which is a unique and distinct software that allows you to manage and grow your e-residency business within Estonia. Zero to Scale also includes the likes of assistance through accounting and compliance with tax laws within Estonia.


  • Comistar offers Fintech licensing, to assist you in payments, investments, and other licensing needs.
  • Comistar also provides around-the-clock assistance in the areas of tax and legal advice.

E-Residency Hub

E-residency Hub was a company that formed from the bond that both Martin Laan and Andrus Umarik had. Together with the duo set up Expat Relocation Estonia in 2013, which is now the business that runs Estonia’s Settle in Estonia Programme.

E-Residency Hub helps its customers create a legal entity from any location across the globe, with the ability for customers to start a company with E-Residency Hub starting at €215. As well as this, they also promote home management of companies. Their website is web-based and allows for documents to be digitally signed from anywhere you want. If you need assistance with accounting and taxes, E-Residency Hub has you covered in that area too, with Accounting and Taxes plans starting at just €59 per month.


  • e-Residency Hub draws attention as a cheap option when compared to other providers.


When getting started, SuccessHub will be able to establish your Estonian Limited Liability Company within only a few hours of your sign-up. Even if you don’t live in Estonia, your business will have direct contact with someone who has a legal address within Estonia, allowing you to take a step to the side and manage your business online from the comfort of your own home.

SuccessHub acknowledges that while setting up a business with them may be quick, sustaining a successful business is a long and passionate effort. They’ll assist you in providing a multitude of information and services that can allow your business to flourish to the best of its potential.


  • SuccessHub customizes its packages according to your needs.

Your Company in Estonia

Your Company in Estonia is a team of international professionals from across the world. They are the only online business service provider that has been officially authorized by the e-Residency program of Estonia to be fully and entirely founded by e-residents themselves.

They provide a service that allows you to be able to get your business started, and ran in the background, completely online. All the while, they’ll focus on the more complicated aspects of running an Estonian company online such as accounting and taxes.


  • With a monthly subscription, you get all the services you might need.

Silva Hunt

Silva Hunt aims to be a global connection for entrepreneurs around the world that run their business within Estonia. As a company, they promote living a digitally nomadic lifestyle and running a business in a way that promotes international independence. They describe their business model as being warm and comfy, allowing others to come together to inspire each other to improve themselves, either digitally or physically.

Silva Hunt aims to assist people who want to establish their company in Estonia in any of the sectors of society such as finance, tourism, or even insurance. They also lean back into the idea of co-operation, providing a platform for new companies to find new partners. They’re looking for mature and experienced people with a harking for personal and reliability when it comes to forming a relationship between both consumer and business.


  • Being a member of the Estonian e-Residents International Chamber Association, Silva Hunt offers networking opportunities.

Company In Estonia

Company in Estonia as a company are full of top-notch specialists. These specialists will provide excellent service in assisting you in the establishment and development of your business in Estonia. As well as the establishment, they also provide other services. These include book-keeping, legal guidance, assistance with crypto licensing, real-estate, website development and promotion, customer development, and staff recruitment.


  • Services and more are available in up to five languages, with English, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, and Lithuanian.


With Incorporate you can register and manage your own EU company completely online and digitally. They allow for you to zone in on more important tasks whilst they focus on the more administrative areas of running an Estonia business. This can all be utilized for just €12 per month. The prices include paying purely for the functionalities of the website that you use, nothing more.

Incorporate helps you arrange the future of your online businesses within Estonia through utilizing simplistic trading within the European Union and a tax rate of 0 percent on all retained profits you gain from these companies. They also have multiple price ranges, as mentioned, which is prime for those who are looking to set up a company within their means of pricing.


  • Incorporate offers different plans depending on your needs.


1Office works on two levels. If you’re not already an e-resident of Estonia, they provide a package fitted perfectly for your needs.  If you’re already an e-resident of Estonia, you’re able to have your company set up by the next day. All you have to do is sign up to my1Office and fill out the form supplied. This will be followed by providing proof of other legal documents such as a legal address, IBAN, accounting details, etc. Once you’ve done all this and paid, you’ll be directed to a portal that has a direct link with the Estonian Business Registry. This is what allows your company to be founded so swiftly within one working day.

1Office suggests reasons as to why you should choose to go with them. They provide all the convenient services that other providers offer. These include perks such as managing your company completely remotely. However, they highlight the direct connection that they maintain with the Estonian Business Registry. As well as other abilities to add banking solutions to your company for completely 100 percent online access. 1Office is also a licensed service provider completely backed by the e-Residency program.


  • They assist you in applying for a full e-residency within Estonia. They take you through the entire application process without any saturation or difficulties.

Eesti Consulting

Eesti Consulting provides a vast array of services. Among these services, company registration, account, and general consulting all take center stage. All the while being one of the most consistently recommended businesses to utilize in the world of e-residency.

As with most e-residency companies, Eesti provides the full ability to completely run your company from any remote location that you feel fit. As well as this, they boast the benefit of having to pay zero percent corporation tax with deferred tax obligation. This deferred tax obligation has no time limit and is only payable upon the distribution of the earned profits from your company.


  • Eesti provides complete consulting and cost-effect accounting services. With these services, you can educate yourself and grow individually.


Lettica provides guidance to allow you to have your company up and running in just a few days of completing the registration process. You also can have two options when registering your company: Setting up a private limited company and a non-profit organization.

As well as this, they provide legal address services within Estonia. You can choose to have a virtual office within Estonia for €250 for 12 months. You can choose to pay for a dormant company slot for €150 for 12 months. Most likely you’ll be looking at purchasing a legal address subscription though. For this, there are two options. You can pay €25 per month for a legal address or you can utilize the cheaper long-term option and pay €100 for a full year of having a legal address.

In Estonia, it’s required that you have an authorized contact person available at all times to receive documents on your behalf in the nation physically. Lettica provides clear services for this mandatory need. Lettica also assists you in opening a bank account for €250.


  • You can purchase an authorized contact person and legal address in the same package for 12 months for €250.
  • You can also purchase an authorized contact person and a legal address for a dormant company for 12 months for €150.
  • You can flat-out purchased just an authorized contact person for one month for €25, or €150 for their role for a year.

Nordic Consult

Company registration with Nordic Consulting allows multiple shareholders. It also allows physical goods trading. To register your company as an e-resident is a simple process. All you have to do is fill out their forms. You’ll then have to provide business information such as the following. Your business name, governmental documents, signatures with your e-residency card, and then payment. Once payment has been made, your company will be created within 24 hours.

Nordic Consulting’s fees for such services can be broken down individually, but for the best value, you can purchase their landing package. The landing package costs a total of €365. This complete package will include the state fee, service fee, one-year legal address, and then a legally authorized contact person to receive documents on your behalf.


  • A cheap option for legal address and a contact person.


TuneUp provides services in the areas of company registration. This allows you to be able to manage your business all over the world. As well as this, you’ll be able to enjoy the added benefits of being a member of the European Union if that is the case. They also provide excellent accounting services. Providing monthly accounts, annual reports, tax declarations, and many more accounting-related tidbits for you to make use of. Lastly, they of course have services available to get a legal address in a well-known business district in Tallinn.


  • TuneUp offers a legal address and a contact person for €125 per year.


SetGo was founded as a result of one of the co-founders of the company deciding that the time had come to leave his home in Japan. This resulted in a migration to Estonia. He wanted to be able to swiftly create a company without the extra time it takes for documents and waiting time. This is the background that gave him the idea for SetGo.

SetGo offers two plans. The first being the start-up plan. This plan includes company registration, the providence of a legal address and contact person in Estonia, access to inside-knowledge and community assistance, and a comprehensive marketplace to obtain other services too.

The second plan is the enterprise plan. This plan includes personalized company registration, complete tactical and strategic advisory plans from company experts, access to collaboration with other companies, and complete project support from SetGo themselves.


  • SetGo is now based in both Estonia and Japan and is a leading business developer in the areas of blockchain development, consultancy, and even product design.


Unicount is an easy-to-use Estonian company formation business. They allow all clients to make use of their services through a very simple self-service portal. You’re also able to register your company as a company with multiple shareholders. This is done through registering with Unicount’s virtual office and contact person services through the Business Register.


  • Through video tutorials and customer support, you’ll be able to set up an Estonian company as a single shareholder in under five minutes.

Aaroni Accounting Services

Aaroni Accounting Services’ website is very to the point. If you’re already an e-resident and want to set up a company, then the steps are very straightforward. You’ll be able to register your company with the legal address of a location in Tartu’s most modern and esteemed business building complex. This service is available through the payment of €150 + VAT annually.

If you’re an e-resident and already own a business, you’ll now need an accountant. This is where Aaroni Accounting Services excels. They offer a multitude of services. These include the following. Checking source documents, accounting for customer debts, expense reports, submitting your monthly tax declarations, preparing payments for orders, completing financial statements monthly, salary calculations, and a complete annual report of the financial turns of the company.


  • Aaroni allows entry based pricing which is good if you don’t have a lot paperwork every month.


So there you have it. We hope this article has helped outline how Estonia has gone about attracting digital nomads through their e-residency program. As well as this, we hope to have highlighted and pinpointed the benefits that can be reaped from having your company registered as Estonia. The decision is up to you and the future is bright with the Estonian e-residency service providers we have mentioned.

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