20 Best Coliving Spaces Around the World

20 Best Coliving Spaces Around the World

Have you ever heard of coliving spaces? If not, and we were to explain briefly, we could say that they are a type of digital nomad accommodation that grows more popular each day, hand in hand with coworking spaces.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about coliving spaces and their best examples from all over the world. You might as well start packing for your newest adventure as you read.

Here we go!

What Are Coliving Spaces?

A coliving space is a flexible shared living place. It’s a type of accommodation for digital nomads who share similar interests and experiences. They increase the experiences they share in common by living in these communal spaces and helping each other in every sense.

Coliving spaces are generally located in convenient and attractive spots of the city. Rest assured that the best coliving spaces we’ll be sharing with you in this post are home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. They also offer richness to the individual in terms of culture. 

Different Types of Coliving Spaces for Digital Nomads

There are a few types of coliving spaces that hold different characteristics: depending on their type, they may offer various amenities and vibes. 

Some of these are more luxurious. For example, they may include fancy shared facilities such as a lounge, kitchen, sauna, and workspace. If this isn’t your first time and you’re an experienced traveler, these may be suitable for you in terms of price. Contrary to popular belief, they’re generally not that expensive. These luxury co-living spaces can be good for meeting people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe, you’ll come across the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Some coliving spaces include some services you can think of in the price on a weekly or monthly basis. For this fee, you’ll have a private room and apart from the shared bathroom and kitchen, you can have a private bathroom and kitchen. Well, if you ask what these services are, these are usually services such as weekly room cleaning, internet, and laundry. Security is often included as well. Moreover, networking events are organized in some of these areas. Or, you can join some tours for this fee.

As you can see, coliving spaces are different from each other. You may need to go through a few to see which suits you best. In order not to bother you too much, we’ll talk about the best coliving spaces soon. 

Benefits of Coliving

Coviling has so many benefits that you may not even think of. First of all, the first thing that comes to mind is the coexistence of digital nomads and therefore socialization. That’s also true. Apart from that, having fun together and sharing their problems with the coliving community is also a very good thing for people mentally. It’s also a great advantage to get rid of some housework, as you can get cleaning services while you work. Well, we can list the other main advantages as follows:

  • Providing affordable accommodation
  • Feeling comfortable as if you’re at home
  • Having the comfort of being a resident as a digital nomad
  • Flexibility
  • A life is free of excess burdens. 

Incredible Coliving Spaces Around the World 

1. Outpost (Ubud, Bali, Indonesia)

Located in Ubud, this coliving space is a very popular yet secluded place. One of the biggest advantages of this place is that it gives people the opportunity to live in a quiet place and work at the same time. It’s also a very rich place in terms of culture. Bali Temple is worth seeing. In addition, there are many yoga studios and gyms in the area. In addition, retreats are organized by the company to improve cooperation here. 

2.Sun & Co (Javea, Spain)

Now, we’ll talk about a coliving space that aims to increase personal and professional development. This place has been living since 2015 and during this time it has hosted many digital nomads from almost every nation. And, many organizations are also held here. This place received the ‘best community and user experience’ award in the past years. Also, this is a great location to interact with other digital nomads and entrepreneurs. 

3.Sun Desk (Taghazout, Morocco)

Isn’t it peace even in its name? The pleasure of working and living at the table of the sun… This place reflects an authentic Moroccan life. A co-living space is frequently preferred by digital nomads who are also keen on cultural experiences. Many professionals live and work here. Also, this place has a great beach and if you’re a surfing fan you’ll love it even more. This is a place for 16 people. So, we can say that it’s a friendly and small place. It has fast internet and private meeting rooms. 

4.Oceanic Villa in Tenerife (Spain)

We wanted to add another wonderful coliving space from Spain. This place is located by the ocean and it’s peaceful. It’s located on the Canary Islands side of Spain. This is a place for 6 people. So, it’s clutter-free. It’s quite luxurious, so we can say that it appeals to luxury lovers. This is a place suitable for long stays. It has a private heated pool, a large terrace, and high-speed internet. Surfing and yoga classes are also offered here. Excursions are often organized by the residents. 

5.Selina in Tulum (Mexico)

You can have as much fun as you want while working and living in this common living area. This place has a magnificent view of the coast. Plus, it’s guaranteed to boost your creativity! We can say that it’s quite a fun retreat. Wellness classes are also popular here. This is a really fun and hygienic living facility. You’ll meet people from all over the world. 

6.Arctic Coworking Lodge in Lotofen (Norway)

This place is the best in Norway. It’s located in a very beautiful natural wonder. Between mountains and fjords…When you’re tired of working here and want to take a break, there are many options to choose from. Surfing, mountain climbing, hiking… The inside of the facility is also great. You can choose between private and shared bedrooms. The kitchens are shared and there are many common living areas. 

7.Selina Atitlan in Guatemala

Located among the mountains, this coliving space is one of the best. There are many beautiful routes where hiking can be arranged. Volcanic lake, Mayan villages, lush mountains, and more… In recent years, digital nomads have started to explore this place and they love it. There are many common areas in the facility such as a swimming pool, beach bar, movie theater, kitchen, library, and garden. What more! In addition, many activities are organized such as yoga classes or live music. 

8.Neighbourgood in Cape Town (South Africa)

Here, you can find all kinds of people you’re looking for in business life. Entrepreneurs, digital nomads, influencers, creators… Even the idea of working together is great! Located in Cape Town, this co-working space is equipped with a shared kitchen, gym, game room, meditation, and yoga spaces. One of the best options you can find. 

9.Nine Coliving (Tenerife, Spain)

We can’t get enough of talking about the wonderful communal living spaces of Spain. One of the best things about this place is that the weather is good throughout the year. And, of course, wonderful beaches… For these reasons, digital nomads always think of Spain in the first place. This facility is beautiful. It’s located in historical riches and has a wonderful common living area. 

10.Selina Porto (Porto, Portugal)

This is one of the first common living spaces. Two friends are getting into this business and they’re doing a great job. They’re quite popular now. It has a unique design and an authentic lifestyle. It’s located in the very center of the city, which makes event lovers happy. The facility also has its bar. One of its biggest advantages is that since it has many rooms, there is something suitable for every budget. 

11.Same Same Creative Coliving (Lisbon, Portugal)

As the name suggests, it’s a coliving space that will increase your creativity. Because there is no digital nomad that Lisbon doesn’t feel good about! This is a very comfortable place, offering flexible living. Also, it’s a pretty cool place. Close to lively nightlife. If you don’t like the nightlife, that’s not all it has to offer. Strolling through the charming streets of Alfama is wonderful. In addition, many join events are held here. Meals, movie nights, workshops, and more…

12.Happy Pigeons (Berlin, Germany)

Many digital nomads want to go to Berlin but are hesitant to find accommodation. Here is a place designed for you! The internet is great and it’s in a pretty central location. There are digital nomads from all over the world here. You’ll feel the hippie vibe. It reflects the city atmosphere quite nicely with old furniture. This is a great place to socialize and network. 

13.Mokrin House (Mokrin, Serbia)

Located in the north of Serbia, this communal living space is a living village in a sense. It’s spread over a fairly large area and is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. You’ll feel like in seclusion, so if you’re looking for peace, this is the place for you. It has wide open spaces and its rooms are peacefully furnished. Its dishes are also quite delicious and it saves the guests from the hassle of cooking. 

14.CoSapce (Koh Phangan, Thailand)

Made in one of Thailand’s most beautiful spots, this coliving space will offer you everything you could want. Nightlife, beach, silence… There can be internet problems in many places in Thailand, but this place has solved that problem. The rooms are beautiful. If you’re looking for quiet rooms for your meetings you’ll find them here. 

15.Dojo Bali (Canggu, Indonesia)

Want to grab your computer and curl up in a corner and work quietly? This recommendation is for you. Canggu is a popular beach here and a very enjoyable place. A place that will inspire you a lot. In addition, networking events are often held here. A great place to meet people. 

16.Lyf Funan (Singapore)

Singapore has long been a favorite destination for digital nomads. This coliving space also increases this preference. This is a place for every budget, which makes this place even better. It’s also a good place to work, as it’s located right in the heart of the market. Internet speed is pretty good. It also has a fun atmosphere. 

17.Hub 53 (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

In addition to being world famous for its food, it’ll also be with its coliving spaces at this rate! The sun warms you here. It offers lots of things to do and this living space is amazing. It has a unique design and offers a great workspace. Daily cleaning service is provided which is another plus. 

18.U-Co (Mexico City, Mexico)

This coliving space where digital nomads come from all over the world is amazing. Mexico City is already great on its own. Great street food, street art, and more… The nightlife is also quite lively. Beware, there is a danger of getting drunk every night here! The accommodation area is colorfully decorated to reflect the atmosphere of the city. You’ll feel like you belong here from day one. 

19.Found 97 Columbia Heights (New York City, USA)

Which of us didn’t want to watch movies and work in New York? If you’re a digital nomad, now you have that chance. And, in one of the apartments you see in the movies. Prices are also more affordable than you think. They put necessities in the kitchens and you don’t bother to buy them. The Internet is also very fast. 

20.Masaya Coliving (Quito, Ecuador)

And, we conclude our list with a wonderful coliving space. Amongst the mountain landscapes, you’ll fall in love with this coliving space in Ecuador, rich in culture and history. A great place to stay. This is a beautifully restored historic building. This place is suitable for quiet work, but there is no private workspace. However, when you want silence, you won’t have a problem. 

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