Pop-Up Hotels: From Abandoned Buildings to Luxury Stays

Pop-Up Hotels: From Abandoned Buildings to Luxury Stays

Feeling stuck in a travel rut? Tired of the same old hotel experience? Say hello to pop-up hotels! These unconventional accommodations are popping up in abandoned buildings and unexpected locations, offering travelers a unique and exciting way to experience new places.

As digital nomads always on the lookout for new adventures, we stumbled upon pop-up hotels and have been hooked ever since. In this post, we’ll share all you need to know about these temporary hotels and why they’re worth checking out.

So grab your bags and let’s dive into the world of pop-up hotels!

A pop-up hotel can be in service for a couple of days, weeks, or just one night. Imagine a place that pops up out of nowhere one day, offers you a unique stay, and disappears the next morning. It sounds like magic, right? This briefness is a crucial aspect that makes pop-up hotels such special accommodation options and a must-visit.

Why Choose a Pop-Up Hotel for Your Stay?

As I’ve said earlier, our world today is one of over-consuming and easily getting bored. In this sense, I believe that experiencing instead of simply depleting goes a long way in pursuing a more meaningful lifestyle. To achieve such a lifestyle, every little thing you do along the way counts. Choosing pop-up hotels over traditional hotels is one of these little things. Of course, that is when you have the chance.

It’s a unique experience

Pop-up hotels are there one day, and the next day, they’re gone. Their ephemerality makes them unique. Naturally, the stay becomes more experiential rather than traditional. 

To meet the expectation, most pop-up hotels go for refined concepts, which enhances the exclusiveness of the stay even further. For example, some pop-up hotels provide you with the perks of the glamping experience, whereas others reflect the traditions and the nature of their environment. Some, on the other hand, have such enchanting designs that only the visual experience is worth a visit.

It enables you to travel to remote locations

When traveling, you may have to give up on going to some of the places you desire to see due to remoteness and lack of accommodation. However, the pop-up hotels, as their name suggests, can pop up anywhere. It might as well be a location that you’ve been dreaming of going to; or some idyllic place far afield, which you wouldn’t be able to enjoy so much if it wasn’t for the pop-up hotel.

Top Six Pop-Up Hotels Around the World 

1. Icehotel – Sweden

You’ve probably come across this one before. The Icehotel of Sweden is, naturally, one of the seasonal pop-up hotels. It first popped up in 1989 and was hand-carved by artisans. You can enjoy the mesmerizing northern lights of Sweden just by stepping out of your room at the Icehotel. 


2. Blink by Black Tomato – Worldwide

Blink, which is the pop-up hotel concept of the Black Tomato travel company, offers guests a unique experience in distant lands that aren’t easy to access. The forms of these places—which are scattered worldwide—vary depending on their locations: they can be yurts, domes, or tropical villas. 

©Blink Camp Bolivia

3. The Nomad Pop-Up Hotel – Portugal

The Nomad pops up in hard-to-access sites in nature or on the coastline in Portugal. The design of the pop-up hotel becomes one with nature for it consists of canvas bell tents. You can choose from among a selection of rustic tents and modern ones with electricity. 

©The Nomad Pop-Up Hotel

4. Zandhotel – The Netherlands

The Zandhotel is a retreat where the structures are made solely of sand. The pop-up retreat that provides the guests with a very comfortable environment offers a medieval and traditional vibe.


5. Snoozebox – The United Kingdom

The Snoozebox of London pops up in various locations in the United Kingdom during major festivals and events including the Summer Olympics, the G8 Summit, and the like. The pop-up hotel’s composed of mobile shipping containers.


6. Flying Nest by AccorHotels – France

Flying Nest is considered a revolution in the mobile hospitality concept. The pop-up hotel designed by Ora-ïto consists of beautifully converted shipping containers. These sustainable, chalet-like containers offer quite a luxury in a 12-square-meter space and a great view from the bed through a whole wall window.

©Flying Nest by AccorHotels

Pop-Up Phenomenon: The Wrap-Up

To conclude, pop-up hotels have a lot to offer, especially for the nomads who have more flexibility in terms of managing their journeys. This is because your stay at such a place offers a whole other level of experience, and you spend your money on that experience, not only on the traditional hotels and their services. For me, that’s money-wise-spent. 

Moreover, one day, one of these places might even hand over a lifetime experience to you. It can be glamping on a cliff with the soothing ocean view, getting creative in an incredibly creatively designed tent, or sleeping in a simple shipping container. You never know without trying.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pop-up Spaces and Hotels

What is a pop-up hotel?

A pop-up hotel is a hotel that appears out of nowhere. They come and vanish in a matter of days. Pop-ups offer visitors, festival goers, music festivals fans, and savvy travelers an exclusive chance to stay in a hotel that didn’t exist yesterday and might not exist tomorrow. They can occasionally appear out of nowhere.

Many pop-up accommodations concentrate on fusing the special attraction of a pop-up experience with contemporary micro-living, with stays lasting anywhere from one night to a few days or weeks.

Are pop ups available everywhere in the world?

Well, that is the whole point with the pop ups. They’re mostly in remote locations where there is no other accommodation options. Usually found in unique locations, pop up hotel trend is a great option for those who want to try something new in the hospitality industry.

Being located in unexpected spaces shouldn’t mislead you. Most of these places are located in a prime location, offer great outdoors, air conditioning, and hot shower.

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