Japan e-Residency Program: What To Expect

Japan e-Residency Program: What To Expect

Building a company remotely is possible with e-Residency, and let’s face it, it appears to be the greatest and only choice for succeeding in the global economy today.

As a result of Estonia’s e-residency program’s success, Japan and many other nations are considering creating their own. 

Who Should Choose E-Residency Programs?

We will know the true benefits of Japan’s e-Residency after the program is fully operational. Starting an online business in Japan without not having to living in Japan would be a blessing.

We know that Japan probably will be inspired by Estonia’s e-Residency program. As a result, we may expect the major advantages of Japan’s e-Residency.

Starting a global company is a huge benefit. It’d be very inspiring for;

Digital Nomads

We digital nomads can set up a business anywhere in the world and work from anywhere we wish thanks to e-Residency. So, it will be an amazing opportunity to launch a digital business in Japan without having to live in Japan. All the restrictions and problems of visas and residency will be disappeared because you won’t have to go to Japan for your business. Thanks to e-residency, even while you are traveling in Europe, you will be able to manage your online company in Japan. 


Freelancing is attractive, but it comes with its own set of difficulties. The most difficult task is dealing with administrative matters. e-Residency provides a virtual worldwide.

For now, this is what we expect. When the details are clear, we’ll publish the updates. Meanwhile, you might want to check our ultimate guide on e-Residency Program Countries.

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