Portugal HQA Visa: All You Need to Know

Portugal HQA Visa: All You Need to Know

Are you an investor, entrepreneur, or a small and medium-sized enterprise owner? Then you might give a chance to Portugal HQA Visa, a program that’s designed for someone like you. It’s quite a convenient process through a fast-tracked priority. You can also get residency in Portugal through a Portuguese HQA Visa.

Let’s discover what circumstances make you eligible for HQA Visa and what kind of benefits you’ll get.

HQA Visa Program: Overview

Let’s take a look at some of the most important details about the program.

  • As an applicant, the cost that’s expected from you is to make contributions of EUR 170,000.
  • You can obtain a Portugal residency issued for two plus three years. In addition, you can be eligible for permanent residency within 5 years as well.
  • When it comes to citizenship by HQA Visa, you’ll need to apply after holding the visa for five years.

What Lies Behind Choosing Portugal HQA Visa?

First of all, you and your whole family can get a European Union residency. Plus, you’ll have access to local talents and explore Portugal’s startup investment environment. Doing business in Europe will also provide security for property and banking. It’ll also feel more safe to conduct business in a European country.

Moreover, you’ll be on the route to becoming a Portuguese passport holder and permanent resident. Knowing all these key outcomes of applying for a Portugal HQA Visa, you can now go deeper into learning more below.

Eligibility for the Portuguese HQA Program

  • Being at least 18 years or older
  • Showing a health insurance
  • Proving a clear criminal record
  • Holding a higher education diploma and a work agreement
  • Or obtaining a written guarantee from a Portuguese employer
  • A minimum one-year contract with the employer
  • A salary that’s higher than €1,330

Apart from these, having a highly needed profession in Portugal requires you a minimum salary that’s 1.2 times higher than the average.

Portugal’s HQA Program: Family Members 

When you’re applying for Portugal’s HQA Program, you also have an option to include your family member. As a main applicant, you need to get your Portugal residence permit first, and then your family members can apply to get one.

When you’re including your family in your HQA Visa application, these are some of the main requirements you need to remember:

  • Your children must be under 18 in the application.
  • Children older than 18 must be dependent on you to apply for them as parents.
  • Your full-age children should be single and study in Portugal.

HQA Visa Ideal Applicants

Here are some of the features that ideal applicants may have when applying for a Portugal HQA Visa.

  • Being a high-level executive looking for a solution for residency in Portugal
  • Entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners who want to expand into new markets or who have a B plan
  • As young professionals and cryptocurrency experts seeking a dynamic lifestyle in Europe
  • Young couples and families with the intention of a cheap, safe location to live, focusing on healthcare and education
  • Retirees and travelers, financially self-sufficient and looking for wellness or cultural enrichment

Portugal HQA Visa Benefits

  • You’ll have a chance for immigration to Portugal. On one hand, you can enjoy a temperate climate while living as an expat in Portugal.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to visit other Schengen countries. If you love traveling, that’s a good one! If you become a Portuguese citizen, you can spend up to 90 of your 180 days there in Schengen countries without a visa.
  • When it comes to tax rates, it’s possible to say that Portugal has typical income rates. They range from 14,5% to 48% and open doors to tax optimization.
  • If you apply for citizenship after five years, you don’t need to give up your previous citizenship. Portugal lets you possess several passports at the same time.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Having a pathway to citizenship and EU residency may give you advantages for your business by creating more freedom for mobility. It means that you can have visa exemptions that lead to unrestricted mobility within the European Union.

Tax and Banking

  • Getting a right to tax and banking incentives that also include the NHR tax regime

Quality of Life in a New Destination

Portugal offers a strong healthcare system. And there’s less crime in the country when compared to some. So you’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy the vibrant and diverse global community. You’ll probably meet new people in this family-friendly community. No need to worry about the real estate market as it’s mostly reasonably priced. Portugal, in the end, lets you live in an adaptable physical presence.

Cost and Value Benefits

Discover the financial benefits, providing a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing quality. Embrace a sustainable decision with the HQA Visa program, which offers a useful alternative to the Portugal Golden Visa.

Other Benefits of HQA Visa

  • Portugal’s government and universities recognize HQA’s distinctive program, which may be easily extended and approved faster.
  • HQA visa requires less money from the total than other EU residence or citizenship programs.
  • There are also reduced risks or expenditures associated with real estate management in the property market.

Portugal HQA Visa Application Cost

You will be expected to pay the total cost, which is €170,000. You can see other costs involved below:





Payment 1


Non-refundable payment is needed to start the process and also to request an appointment with AIMA (Agência para a Integração Migrações e Asilo)


Payment 2


If the appointment with AIMA is successful, it is refundable until payment 3 is due on the approval of the residence.


Payment 3


Following the successful receipt of your residence ID, the amount remains refundable until the renewal of your residence after two years.


Portugal HQA Visa Requirements

Here are the necessary documents for an HQA Visa Portugal application.

  • Having a passport copy 
  • Providing proof of address, CV, or professional qualification
  • Delivering the completed visa application form
  • Having two color photographs, which are 3×4 cm
  • Holding a higher education diploma
  • No criminal record certificate that has an apostille
  • Having an employment contract or its written guarantee

Furthermore, as an applicant, you must provide permission for the Foreigner and Borders Service (SEF) to investigate their criminal status in Portugal, as well as a documented employment contract or guarantee. When applying for a residence permit with an HQA Visa, you must also provide documentation of your residency in Portugal, such as a rental agreement.

Portuguese HQA Visa Program: What to Know

  • The Portugal HQA Visa program is an exceptional opportunity for highly trained people looking to move to Portugal.
  • HQA Visa Portugal provides a quick and reliable road to Portuguese residency and, eventually, citizenship.
  • The Portugal HQA Visa qualifying standards are intended to recruit outstanding talent from throughout the world.
  • It has no company performance requirements, making it a popular choice for individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • Portugal HQA is a program that supports companies and people by providing them with the resources they require to flourish.
  • Successful candidates for the Portugal HQA Visa program can enjoy the benefits of Portuguese residence, such as access to healthcare and education, as well as the freedom to live and work in the nation.
  • Empowered companies can thrive under Portugal’s HQA Visa program because of its supportive and innovative environment.
  • After five years of legal residency with the Portugal HQA Visa, you may be entitled to apply for Portuguese citizenship.


To summarize all we’ve discussed, we can say that the Portugal HQA Visa can be a way to establish yourself in Portugal—fast, affordable, and welcoming.

Whether you’re typing away at a seaside café or planning your next major business move, this application has you covered. Your aspirations maybe with your family together in an environment that supports your business objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Portugal’s HQA Visa Program, when does it grant permanent residency?

The Portugal HQA Visa Program grants permanent residency after five years.

When can I get citizenship through the Portugal HQA Visa Program?

After five years of residency under the HQA residency visa, you may become eligible to apply for permanent residency or citizenship.

Are Portugal's HQA and Golden Visa Program similar?

Yes, the HQA Visa is often described as a hybrid between Portugal’s other popular means-based visas, the Portugal Golden Visa and the D7 Visa. Like the Golden Visa, the HQA Visa gives non-EU nationals the opportunity to establish their own company in Portugal.

Are there business performance requirements for a Portugal HQA Visa?

No, there are no business performance requirements associated with eligibility for Permanent Residency or Citizenship through Portugal’s HQA Visa. It is required that the business must take part in a government-approved incubator program for the first three years.

Can qualified professionals apply for a Portugal HQA Visa?

Yes, highly qualified professionals may apply for a Portugal HQA Visa in case of finding a job in Portugal. Also, professionals have a fast and confident path to working and residing in Portugal.

How long does the Portugal HQA Visa application process take?

By law, Portuguese authorities must issue the HQA Visa decision within 30 days of receiving the application. The entire process can take around three to six months. It may go like this: from the initial meeting with the Empowered Startups Intake Committee until the arrival of the residency card following the landing appointment in Portugal.

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