The Best Job Sites in Portugal and How To Find a Job

The Best Job Sites in Portugal and How To Find a Job

Today, there are numerous job portals where recruiters and firms advertise positions using recruitment tools, and individuals review the requirements and apply for those that match their qualifications and appropriateness.

The most significant advantage of this method is that job postings are open to a large pool of candidates rather than being limited to only a few. Anyone, regardless of their physical location, can apply for jobs.

Here are the best employment portals you should be aware of if you’re looking for jobs in Portugal.


Best Job Sites in Portugal

Alerta Emprego

On this site, you can filter your search by full-time or part-time, internship, trainee; also search by function, type of company, and desired city is available.


Portugal’s BEP (Public Employment Exchange) publishes job opportunities in the public sector. Professors, researchers, operational assistants, and technical specialists are among the positions available. The website lists the jobs along with their location and application deadlines.

Carga de Trabalhos

Carga de Trabalhos is a fantastic resource for anyone working in communication, marketing, or design. You can even narrow down your search by category, such as design, advertising, programming, photography, illustration, and so on.

The difficulty of searching by keywords or areas is a major drawback. You must go through all of the openings and inspect the location.


The CareerJet website has more than 30,000 job openings in Portugal. You can search by industry and location. It’s a user-friendly site where you can check out the open opportunities easily.

Emprego Saude

For healthcare professionals, Emprego Saude can help you find a vacancy. Note that you might need to validate your diploma in Portugal before starting work.

Emprego XL

Emprego XL is another option among employment websites in Portugal and it is quite easy to search. The cities with the most advertised opportunities are Lisbon and Porto.

Expresso Emprego

Express Employment is not a well-known website, but it does have some fantastic job opportunities. You can look for employment in Portugal and overseas, as well as browse the latest job offers and recruiter adverts.

IT Jobs

A site dedicated to jobs in the IT area, at IT Jobs you will find several offers to work with IT in Portugal, and you can even search according to the region you prefer.


Jobtide is a job site in Portugal and you can search for the desired area. It is necessary to register for free to see job offers in Portugal. According to the website, more than 20 thousand people have already been hired through it.


Jooble is a job search engine that is available in 71 countries, including Portugal. Jooble is one of the top three most visited employment and career websites in the world. Advertisements for a wide range of openings can be found in Portugal, with a focus on part-time and home office jobs.


Unfortunately, LinkedIn is not widely used in Portugal. Only large companies register their vacancies and job opportunities in Portugal. But even so, it is important to have an up-to-date profile on the platform, whether to work in Portugal or any other country in Europe.

Net Empregos

Net Empregos is Portugal’s largest job site, with over 500 new jobs added every day. The ability to filter the results is the biggest advantage, despite the complicated layout. When searching, you can specify the region, the town, and even whether it is full-time or part-time.

Additionally, you can register to receive daily emails with recent job openings in your area.

Sapo Emprego

Sapo Emprego is a well-known website with a large number of job openings in Portugal. It is possible to find positions outside of the country in addition to those available within the country.


TuriJobs is a website that lists all job openings in the tourist and hospitality industries. TuriJobs is the greatest tool among employment sites in Portugal if you are from these industries. You can refine your search by entering the position you’re searching for, the region you’re looking for, or even a specific term.

How To Register on a Job Site in Portugal?

Now that you know which are the main job sites in Portugal, create an account on each of them and register your resume.

Generally, job sites ask for the following data:

  • Personal data, such as name, email, contact telephone number
  • Cover letter
  • Professional experiences
  • Academic education
  • Extra and professional courses
  • Languages, including speaking, writing, and reading levels
  • Computer skills
  • Personal skills: leadership, communication, etc.
  • Photo (optional but useful)

Employment Agencies in Portugal

If you don’t want to look for a job online, there is an alternative: Recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies (or employment agencies) are companies that provide recruitment services to other companies. In other words, a company needs to fill a vacancy, so it hires a recruitment agency to do the entire selection process.

Here are the most popular recruitment agencies in Portugal.


It is a well-known recruitment agency that has offices all over the world. ManPower has been in business for over 60 years and has extensive experience in recruitment and more than 500 customers in Portugal.


It is also a very well-known agency in Portugal. The Randstad is present in over 40 countries and makes recruitment and selection for fixed or temporary jobs, in addition to training.


With more than 1,500 customers in Portugal, Adecco helps companies find the ideal person for each vacancy, whether permanent or temporary.

Kelly Services

Operating in 39 countries, Kelly Services specializes in human resource management. It recruits for all areas, for permanent or temporary positions.

How To Get a Job in Portugal

Keep on Improving Yourself

If you are thinking of working in Portugal, keep on working on yourself because it is a very small country and the market is very competitive. Highly qualified professionals tend to get good opportunities.

Prepare a Resume in Europass Format

Make sure your resume format is compatible with Europass cv format, created by European Union. Just enter the platform and create your resume for free. You will need to fill in some personal details, your professional experiences, your academic background and the like, your language and digital skills, a cover letter, and a photo.

You can also create multiple versions of your resume: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, and several other languages, and download it in PDF format.

Enable Notifications

Several job sites and LinkedIn allow you to turn on notifications if a company posts a job with your profile. Make sure you enable notifications so as you’ll be notified when a position is posted.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

It’s important to keep your profile updated on Linkedin. Connect with the users who are working in the same industry. Join forums and share comments.

How To Work in Portugal

If you’re not a European citizen or don’t yet live in Portugal, you will need to obtain a work visa. To apply, you will need to present a series of documents Only when the visa is approved, you must buy the ticket and make the change.

After arriving in Portugal, you will have to register with Social Security, apply for the NIF, and contact the SEF – Foreigners and Borders Service – to apply for a Residence Permit for work purposes.

Are you a European citizen and have you got a job in Portugal?

So, skip visa applications and move to Portugal any time. Upon arrival, make sure to apply for the “Certificate of Registration of Citizen of the European Union” at the City Council of the city where you will live and work. You can do this by presenting proof of residence and the employment contract.

For more information, check out our How To Work in Portugal article.


There you have it. Have you ever looked for a job in Portugal? Have you ever worked in the country? Let us know about your experience. Feel free to leave a comment on our growing forum too. Good luck with your search!

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