USA e-Residency Program: What To Expect

USA e-Residency Program: What To Expect

Many digital nomads consider the United States to be one of the greatest places to work. However, it might be a little bit pricy and would be difficult to get a working visa. 

As the world’s most powerful economy, America should consider launching an e-Residency program comparable to Estonia’s and reaping the benefits that only Estonia has been able to achieve so far.  If the USA launch their own e-residency program, it will be possible to start a business in the USA without living in the country.  

What Is e-Residency?

Virtual residency programs, also known as e-Residency, give a digital identity that may be used to start and run an online company. Estonia was the first country to do so on December 1, 2014. Estonia’s e-Residency program provides e-residents with a smart card that allows them to use services that are normally unavailable to non-residents.

What Is Expected From the United States e-Residency Program?

Once the program is fully established, we will know the actual benefits of USA e-Residency. We do know, however, that they will be taking inspiration from Estonia’s e-Residency program. As a result, we may assume that the following benefits will definitely stand out as the primary benefits of US e-Residency:

  • Independence of location: Because an e-Resident probably will not need a stay in that country, you could use status from anywhere in the globe.
  • US Company: You would have the opportunity to have a US company without living in the country.
  • Remotely Expand Your Business: You’ll probably be able to sign, encrypt, and transfer documents using your e-resident ID card.
  • Become a Member of the Global Community: In Estonia, your e-resident status automatically places you in a group of individuals who share your interests. It would very probably be the same in the USA. You could get the opportunity to network with a group of like-minded location independent professionals and business owners.

For now, this is what we expect from US e-residency. When the details are clear, we’ll publish the updates. Meanwhile, you can check our ultimate guide on e-Residency Program Countries.

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