How Much Does Portugal D7 Visa Cost?

How Much Does Portugal D7 Visa Cost?

Thanks to its high-quality life and safe environment Portugal is a hotspot for retirees and families. Plus, Portugal has introduced many tax incentives and visas for foreigners which make relocation easier.

How Much Does Portugal D7 Visa Cost?

The government fees for a D7 Visa are generally quite low when compared to other countries and visas. The pricing usually ranges anywhere between €50 – €300. It will cost this for each person that is applying, including your family members.

However, note that you’ll have to meet the passive income requirements. The minimum value that is required to be eligible for a D7 Visa is €8,460 yearly income on average. This is based on minimum wage in Portugal so make sure you check the updated income requirement before you start your application.

Also, note that there will be some legal fees, depending on the law firm you’re going to work with.

It is usually the costs of moving and living in Portugal that take up the bulk of a person’s income rather than the actual application of the visa itself. So, let’s quickly have a look at cost of living in Portugal.

Ribeira Square, Porto

Rent Costs and Property Costs in Portugal

When compared to the rest of Western Europe, Portugal is rather cheap. Many people who are recently retired tend to go to Portugal thanks to low costs. As well as this, Portugal is full of exciting activities, so it makes an excellent living place. 

For a couple to live in Portugal, a 1-bedroom apartment in a central location will cost around €800. If you’re looking to live in Lisbon, the capital, pricing usually starts at around €1,200 per month. Once again, pretty decent when compared to other major cities around Europe. 

In terms of purchasing a property, Portugal is right up at the top of the price chart there too. The average price per square meter in Portugal is €1,090. In other countries like France or the UK, this price is over double the amount. 


When it comes to food costs in Portugal, they are generally low in comparison to other European countries. This is a common trend if you’ve yet to notice. In almost all cities and towns, even Lisbon, there are huge traditional marketplaces. This is in junction with usual supermarkets too. Generally, it is estimated that if a couple were to purchase groceries for a month in Portugal, it would come in at around $200 per month. This ranges and depends on how extravagant your food taste is. 

Pastel De Nata , a Portuguese egg tart pastry


In Portugal, the pricing for general utilities sits pretty reasonably. The costs for electricity, heating and water in Portugal are estimated to be around $90 per month for a small apartment. In Portugal, bills only ever arrive every two months, so obviously, the bill will be double what has just been stated when it does arrive. Generally, though, utilities in Portugal aren’t expected to break the bank of the home or apartment owner/renter. 


Now if you’re an American citizen you might not be used to the low prices of healthcare in the majority of European countries. These low prices in comparison to the rest of the world remain true in Portugal. In Portugal, it is estimated that health insurance costs between €20 to €50 per month. This depends on your age and other varying factors. 

So, generally, this means that in Portugal you can expect to pay between €400 and €1,000 annually depending on the types of coverages and plans that you avail of while living there. 


A D7 Visa is a perfect way of getting a residence in Portugal. Plus, a D7 Visa will grant you and your immediate family the ability to travel through the Schengen zone of Europe completely without a visa. 

Have you ever thought of living in Portugal or have you ever been there? Let us know about your experience, we’re curious to know! Want to learn more about the D7 visa process? Make sure you read our D7 rental contract article before you leave.

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