e-Residency Dubai: What To Expect

e-Residency Dubai: What To Expect

Fingers crossed. We all are looking forward to getting more details on e-Residency Dubai. The country previously offered a one-year virtual working program, allowing digital nomads to enjoy the country’s nice beaches while working. 

As digital nomads, we’re big fans of e-Residency programs. They pave the way for a location-independent life for freelancers and solopreneurs. So, what is e-Residency Dubai going to look like? Let’s quickly list our expectations.

What Is e-Residency Dubai Going to Offer

Well, let’s first make a clear distinction. This program is going to be different from what we’re used to with EU countries, as Dubai isn’t a part of the EU. However, some features could be more beneficial.

Favorable Tax Regime: Dubai is famous for its benign tax regime. Businesses in Dubai are exempt from taxes on corporate profits or personal income. A similar tax incentive is going to be a huge incentive to sign-up for e-Residency Dubai.

Remote access: e-Residency programs allow you to access your business from wherever you’re, without relocating to the said country. It’s what Dubai e-Residency is expected to offer, too.

Digital verification: When you get your e-Residency card, the embassy issues a smart card for you. You can use this card to sign documents digitally. Dubai will quite likely offer the same.

Join a community: e-Residency programs connect you with other e-residents around. When e-Residency Dubai starts to operate, it will create its own community where you can grow your network.

For now, this is what we anticipate. Once the details are clear, we’ll publish the updates. Meanwhile, you might want to check our ultimate guide on e-Residency Program Countries.

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