Genki Insurance: The Anchorage of Digital Nomads

Genki Insurance: The Anchorage of Digital Nomads

The most fun part of digital nomad life is that it’s full of surprises. Spontaneity is what makes such a lifestyle more intriguing and enjoyable because improvised traveling brings about excitement. However, this spontaneous nature of digital nomad life may also call forth bad surprises. You never know when accidents or health problems will occur.

Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry and act with precaution. Obtaining health insurance will come in handy in case you meet any inconvenient surprises along your journey. You can choose an insurance plan according to your needs, budget, and travel plans. 

As a digital nomad myself, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time to find the best possible travel health insurance. It’s good to know that you have an insurance plan that you can rely on when you travel frequently, without exactly knowing what you’ll be doing and where you’ll go the next day. Even if you don’t experience any inconvenience regarding your health, it feels safe and secure to have access to all the healthcare means when necessary. 

Following thorough research, some phone calls with the sales reps, and an exchange of ideas with fellow digital nomads, I’m convinced that Genki Travel Health Insurance is one of the most convenient insurance options for digital nomads, with its comprehensive coverage and excellent customer service, especially if you’re a nomad going solo. 

Highlights of Genki Travel Health Insurance

  • Effortless to subscribe and unsubscribe online
  • Can be canceled whenever you want without any penalty requirement
  • No restrictions regarding country or nationality
  • Freedom to choose the healthcare provider
  • Repayment of the medical service bills for any hospital
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 24/7 uninterrupted transport and medical rescue services
  • Excellent customer service
  • Incredibly convenient prices
  • Flexible monthly plans

What Makes Genki Insurance Unique?

The primary characteristic that separates Genki from all the other insurance companies is that it has no limitations as to the area of coverage. You can benefit from Genki Insurance regardless of your country of destination by choosing one of the two region options they provide: Worldwide and Worldwide with limited cover in Canada and the US. Plus, this destination-independent travel insurance opportunity relieves you from the burden of specifying your travel route in advance.

Another aspect of Genki that makes it unique is that you can get a monthly subscription that can be valid for up to 2 years. However, you can cancel your subscription at any point you desire. 

In short, Genki’s flexibility and thorough coverage make it a unique insurance option, as well as the best suitable for digital nomads and other frequent travelers such as backpackers. It’s the perfect choice for the impulsive traveler. 

What Genki Insurance Covers

The biggest perk of Genki Travel Health Insurance is that it has great coverage. Find below what this incredibly comprehensive insurance covers:

  • Dressing material, remedies, and medicine
  • Operation-inclusive emergency treatment of both inpatients and outpatients
  • Transportation expenses to the nearest hospital
  • Transportation costs of the mortal remains of the insured
  • Transportation costs for the insured to return to their original place of residence
  • Dental treatment (maintenance of already existing dental prostheses and dentures, simple fillings, pain relief treatment) – up to €500
  • Medically obligatory dental treatment following an accident – up to €1,000
  • Mental illness outpatient initial treatment – up to €1,500
  • Emergency inpatient treatment of first-time emotional or mental illnesses – up to €20,000

Genki Travel Health Insurance Coverage Restrictions

Although Genki Travel Health Insurance offers impressively excessive coverage, there still are limitations to it, naturally. The following are the restrictions of the Genki Insurance coverage with regard to different topics:

Extreme Sports and Dangerous Activities

The Genki Insurance plan covers most sports that are considered dangerous and not covered by other insurance policies. However, there are exceptions. The activities listed below are excluded from the coverage of Genki Insurance:

  • Car/motorcycle racing
  • Paragliding
  • Base jumping
  • Parachuting
  • Bungee jumping
  • Diving
  • Free climbing
  • Mountaineering that requires specialized equipment

Personal Items, Canceled Trips, and Baggage Delays

Genki is a travel health insurance that covers only medical conditions and for the time being, it doesn’t cover any of the following items:

  • Baggage loss or delays
  • Coverage of personal effects 
  • Coverage of canceled trips

The exclusion of such items from the coverage is because Genki prioritizes medical issues and focuses on healthcare services. However, they seem to be on the eve of creating additional coverage for trip cancellations, personal items, and baggage loss or delays. 

Limitations Regarding Family & Age

Genki covers people from the 0 to 49 age bracket at the moment, but as of 2023, they’ll also be providing coverage for people from ages 50 to 69. Although Genki doesn’t offer a specific family plan, each family member who falls within the said age brackets can benefit from Genki insurance individually. To ease the process of getting insured as a family, Genki’s website will soon allow one person to sign up for a Genki plan on behalf of all family members. This way, you’ll be able to sign your whole family up at once.

Most digital nomads fall between this age bracket, as the statistics show. The price of the insurance plan varies depending on which age range you belong to. 

Genki Insurance, nonetheless, is giving the green light to establish an extra add-on for the family coverage, but for now, it may not be the best choice for nomad families. 

The First 14 Days

There is a 14-day waiting period before the coverage of your Genki Insurance operates to its fullest, meaning that for that period it only covers life-threatening emergencies and accidents. 

I believe such a regulation that limits the coverage is brought into force in order to enable the customers to receive a full refund in case they change their minds during the first two weeks. 

After the waiting period, on the other hand, Genki World Explorer covers all kinds of medically necessary treatments, whereas other travel health insurance policies typically only cover emergencies and accidents throughout the entire period they’re in effect. 

Genki Insurance Costs

One of the best things about Genki Insurance is the straightforwardness of its pricing. A monthly subscription fee for a Genki Insurance policy starts at €35,70. However, the amount varies depending on your age, the regions the insurance will be covering, and your choice of deductible. 

Find below the detailed Genki Insurance costs:

  • Worldwide (US and Canada excluded) - €50 deductible (ages 18-29): €35,70
  • Worldwide (US and Canada excluded) - €50 deductible (ages 30-49): €54,60
  • Worldwide - €50 deductible (ages 18-29): €72,30
  • Worldwide - €50 deductible (ages 30-49): €108,60
  • Worldwide (US and Canada excluded) - NO deductibles (ages 18-29): €45,00
  • Worldwide (US and Canada excluded) - NO deductibles (ages 30-49): €65,10
  • Worldwide - NO deductibles (ages 18-29): €83,10
  • Worldwide - NO deductibles (ages 30-49): €128,70

How To Make a Claim With Genki 

Claims are yet another aspect that makes Genki a unique insurance policy. The turnaround times for claims can be overwhelming for digital nomad insurance policies but Genki conducts the process very smoothly and rapidly.

To make a claim with Genki, you’re required to do as follows:

  • Filing the claims as fast as possible
  • Releasing the privilege of physician-patient if required
  • Providing evidence of prior coverage of healthcare if required
  • Delivering supporting documentation from doctors

What’s even better than the turnaround period being short is that Genki Insurance actually pays, instead of constantly putting off the evil payday like other insurance companies. Genki operates by staying true to European law and hence is pretty consumer-led. 

Canceling the Genki Insurance Contract

Canceling the Genki Insurance Contract is as easy as getting it. Unlike most other insurance policies, Genki allows you to leave any time you want. Your insurance will be valid until the end of the last month you paid for. 

You can even withdraw from your insurance if you change your mind during the first 14 days for a full refund. 

The Genki Insurance support team will help you get your insurance cancellation sorted out whenever you want to withdraw from the policy.


There you have it… I’ve given you a thorough review of Genki World Explorer Travel Health Insurance. I believe it’s a rather convenient choice for nomads. Although I only relied on comprehensive research, and a couple of testimonials by travelers who are insured by Genki, I believe the insurance policy is definitely worth a shot with all its perks. 

Genki simplifies the process of choosing and purchasing an insurance plan. They specifically set sight on meeting the needs of digital nomads, to whom they can relate, because the Genki team is composed of nomads as well. 

Providing travelers with the opportunity to obtain a monthly subscription, allowing them to cancel the insurance policy at whichever point they want, and covering almost everything a nomad may need makes Genki Travel Health Insurance an excellent alternative for the frequent traveler. 

If you’ve been planning your next journey, you may want to consider getting insured by Genki, regardless of wherever in the world your destination is.


What is Genki?

Genki is a travel health insurance company that especially aims to provide suitable plans for frequent travelers such as digital nomads. The process of policy choosing and purchasing is pretty simple with Genki Travel Health Insurance. 

What makes Genki stand out among the travel insurance policies?

What makes Genki unique is that it offers monthly subscriptions that the insured traveler can cancel whenever they want. They’re not required to specify the destination for their travels either, meaning that the insurance plan leaves room for spontaneity. Moreover, the plans are quite affordable, and their coverage is incredibly comprehensive.

What are the most significant advantages of Genki Travel Health Insurance?

The effortless acquisition process, convenient prices, the opportunity to cancel at any time, rapid turnaround times for claims, excellent customer service, and worldwide coverage are only a few significant benefits of Genki Insurance.

Does Genki cover COVID-19 treatment?

Yes. Genki Travel Health Insurance covers COVID-19 treatment costs so long as it’s not a pre-existing condition. However, it doesn’t cover the quarantine expenses. 

How much does Genki Insurance cost?

Genki Travel Health Insurance is available to only two age brackets: 18 to 29 and 30 to 49. The price of the insurance plan changes between €35,70 and €128,70, depending on the age range, the region, and the deductible selected. 

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Genki Insurance plan?

Yes, you can get a full refund if you withdraw from the insurance plan within the first 14 days. Plus, canceling the policy is easy as pie. You only need to get in touch with the Genki support team to get your cancellation sorted out. 

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