Xolo Review: Estonian e-Residency Service Provider Review

Xolo Review: Estonian e-Residency Service Provider Review

We’ve previously written an article on Estonian e-Residency Service Providers. After a short introduction to each brand, we thought it would be nice to cover some of the most popular ones in depth.

In this article, we’ll be going over what Xolo as a company is. We’ll look into some comparisons between solutions that Xolo offers. Let’s get started with what exactly Xolo is.

What Is Xolo

Xolo is a service provider to help you invoice your clients in the European Union and beyond. Depending on the solution you choose, Xolo helps you to invoice your clients professionally. Xolo allows for you to focus on the more important aspects of business management such as ensuring the growth of your business is on a sharp increase. While you focus on this, Xolo will be dealing with the accounting, tax, and administrative work for you that comes with owning and running a business.

Why Xolo

So, now that you know what exactly Xolo is, why should you choose Xolo? Well, Xolo is perfect for anybody that considers themselves a freelance worker, solopreneur, or digital nomad.

Xolo is a fast-paced company. They’re one of the simplest and easiest ways to invoice your clients in the European Union and beyond that too. Xolo has over 50,000 customers that make use of their premium services all across the globe. As well as this, Xolo is completely open-ended. They encourage entrepreneurs from all across the world, regardless of nationality. This open-ended business model shows why they are trusted to handle over €1.3 billion in invoices as of 2022.

Xolo’s Solutions

Xolo Go

Xolo Go is an outlet that creates an experience that enables solopreneurs to create their business without any of the monotonous steps that come with registering and starting a company. Xolo Go allows you to have all the benefits that come with regularly registering a company. These can include the ability to apply business expenses against your regular income. It can also include the ability to lower the burden that your taxes have upon you. You can do all this and more without the stress and expenses that come with starting a company on your own.

Xolo themselves speak on Xolo Go as an outlet that allows you to create, send and track invoices. As well as this, it comes with an IBAN ad an all-in-one dashboard that can be accessed online at any time.

Xolo also boasts the swiftness of being able to be paid at any time you want. You’re in control of when you withdraw your funds. With this, there are also no fixed fees, with Xolo only charging 5% of the withdrawal fees for themselves.

Xolo Leap

Xolo Leap on the other hand offers a service that allows you to start your own Estonian Company (OU). The subscription gives you access to some benefits. These include the following:

  • Accounting assistance,
  • Annual reports of your company’s expenses,
  • VAT filing,
  • A legal business address in Estonia,
  • An authorized contact person to receive documents on your behalf in Estonia,
  • Complete integration with LHV bank, and TransferWise.

As well as all these benefits, you’ll also have access to complete legal agreement templates and general support and assistance at a moment’s notice.

Xolo Leap is a program with huge benefits, and it can all be done very quickly. Xolo Leap only takes 2-3 days to set up if you have an e-residency card already. If not, it can take a bit longer, being around a month.

There is also Xolo LeapPRO. This is an extension of Xolo Leap and offers you some extra perks. You’ll have unlimited transaction limits with both Stripe and Paypal. You can also sell physical design products through print at a moment’s notice. Lastly, you’ll be able to pay the wages of up to 3 employees in Estonia through Xolo LeapPRO.

Enterprise Solutions

There is also the outlet of offering a variety of enterprise solutions. These solutions can assist your company in managing your freelance workforce payments easily.


Pricing is a major factor when it comes to setting up a digital company. Xolo offers a variety of options as mentioned earlier. For no monthly fee, you can use Xolo Go, with Xolo only taking 5% of the pay-out fees. Xolo Leap allows you to have more benefits that will be listed later in this article for €79 per month. The higher upgrade of Leap is LeapPRO, which offers unlimited payment gateways as an added benefit and costs €119 per month. Lastly, there is Growth. For €199 per month, you’ll gain access to the complete package. Access to business tools, your own European Union company, accounting and reports, unlimited payment transaction gateways, and your accountant.



Intuitive invoicing with automated accounting and instant payouts 


Register a company and enjoy remote business management with online dashboard


unlimited payment gateway transactions to take your business further


A complete set of tools and a dedicated Xolo accountant to grow your business  


Prices shown do not include 20% VAT

5% fee of the payouts
Business tools
Your own EU companynot needed
Accounting & Reporting 
Payment gateways  
Personal accountant   
 Free set up€220 state fee*€220 state fee*€220 state fee*

Xolo Go VS Xolo Leap

Deciding which program is best for your own needs is a major decision. This short section will help go over what each of Xolo Go and Xolo Leap offers you as a customer and user of Xolo.

With Xolo Go,

  • The access and sign-up fee are completely free. You are required to pay nothing toward your monthly signing.
  • The only financial implication of using Go is that Xolo will take 5% of your pay-outs made through your account.

That being said, it is important to think of what you’ll need. Xolo Go only offers a variety of business tools. This includes personal invoicing, expense management tools, and an IBAN.

With Xolo Leap,

  • There is a monthly fee. This fee is €79 per month.
  • However, with this monthly fee, you’ll also gain access to some extra benefits. You’ll have access to all the business tools mentioned in Xolo Go.
  • You’ll also be able to register your own EU company and have access to professional accounting and reports to assist you in the running of your company.

There is also the PRO version of Leap, named LeapPRO. For €119 per month, you’ll have access to all the mentioned benefits and gain the ability to have unlimited transaction gateways.

Extra Costs

As mentioned, Xolo Go costs nothing. However, you also get very little in return and is only really needed if you’re not looking for much guidance in building your EU company. With Xolo Leap and LeapPRO obviously, you’ll be a lot better off with the guidance, but the extra costs are certainly there. Xolo Leap and LeapPRO cost an extra €79 and €119 per month each respectively.

That being said, there are also the costs of needing to register your company if you’re to go with Leap or LeapPRO. The state fee comes in at around €220 and this is mandatory if you wish to have your company officially registered.


So there you have it. We have gone over what Xolo is, as well as looking into some comparisons between the solutions and packages they offer to their customers. We hope this article has assisted you in understanding Xolo better and guiding you toward the solution that fits your circumstances best. For more solutions, don’t miss out on our article on Estonian e-Residency Service Providers.

If you’ve already been using Xolo, let us know about your experience…Please also share your views on our forum.

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