N26 Smart: All You Need to Know on the New N26 Bank Account

N26 Smart: All You Need to Know on the New N26 Bank Account

If you’re looking for digital banks, chances are you have heard of N26. It’s one of the largest online banks.

As of 2021, the bank offers a new account called N26 Smart. In this guide you will find what it is, its pros and cons, and whether it’s worth getting a premium paid account as opposed to the free account.

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Key Takeaways

  • N26 Smart offers 5 free ATM withdrawals monthly
  • You can create sub-accounts to organize your budget and save
  • You can create shared accounts to save money together with your friends
  • Telephone support
  • Round-up feature
  • Premium partner offers and discounts
  • Costs €4.90 per month and has no transaction fees abroad

What Is N26 Smart?

N26 Smart is a premium digital bank account offered by N26 Bank. The account type was created in November 2020.

This particular account is designed to help users control their spending through money management features.

The account also has additional advantages such as increased number of ATM withdrawals and the possibility to create 10 spaces, helping you save and manage your funds with your friends on N26.

Advantages of N26 Smart: Pros

N26 Smart account has a number of benefits compared to the N26 free account.

Below, you may compare the two accounts:

BenefitsFree N26 AccountN26 Smart Premium Account
Free number of monthly withdrawals from ATMs35
Telephone SupportNoYes
Ability to create spacesUp to 2Up to 10
Possibility to share spaces to save money with friendsNoYes
Round-up feature: rounding card transactions up to the nearest number and saving the difference in a SpaceNoYes
Premium Partner Offers & DiscountsNoYes
Debit CardYes (transparent)Yes (colored)

N26 Smart Fee

The N26 Smart account costs €4.90 per month. It does not have any transaction fees when abroad.  Compared to the monetary value of its offering, the fee is very affordable.

How to Open an N26 Smart Account

First, you need to open an account at N26 and meet the eligibility requirements below:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Live in a country where N26 bank is supported
  • Uphold a legitimate, government-issued ID
  • Conduct a video conference to confirm your identity

The Verdict: Is It Worth Opening an N26 Smart Account?

Yes. N26 Smart offers a lot of advantages for a very affordable price per month.

Thank you for reading!

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