N26 in the US: What You Need To Know

N26 in the US: What You Need To Know

Getting started with online banking or money-management apps can be confusing. However, with N26, this isn’t the case.

N26 has witnessed an extraordinary explosion in popularity in the US in the last 12 months. N26 as a platform boasts over 500,000 members in the United States alone. Due to having such a large portion of customers, they adapt to US customers’ needs and wants, making the platform more friendly.

Below are the main steps involved in getting started with N26 so you can begin to conveniently transfer and manage your funds on the go.  Ready?

Step #1

Register for an N26 Account

To register for an N26 account is most swiftly done through their mobile app. You can download this app on your smartphone through either the app store or Google Play. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be prompted to log in or sign-up. If you have previously had an N26 account, then feel free to log in. However, the chances are that if you’re reading this article, you’re not yet signed up for N26. In this scenario, press the sign-up option. 

Step #2

Download the N26 App and Verify Your ID

Once you’ve finished downloading the N26 app and creating your N26 account, the next step is to verify your I.D. Verifying your ID, similarly to many apps and online banking or funding outlets online, can be done by using your drivers’ license, passport, or government identification card in some cases. As well as this, providing proof of address through a utility bill from the previous six months or a bank statement from the same timeframe may also be required in verifying your account identification. 

Step #3

Pair Your Phone

Go ahead and pair your phone to your N26 account. To pair your smartphone to your N26 mobile app or website app is simple. Firstly, open the N26 app on your phone or browser. Then, confirm your phone’s mobile number and enter the 4-digit SMS code you will receive on your phone. Once you’ve entered this code, your phone should be paired to your N26 mobile app. 

Step #4

Activate Your N26 Debit Card

To activate your N26 debit card is incredibly fast and simple. Open the N26 mobile app, and from there, go to the home screen of the app. Once you’ve done this, move toward the ‘cards’ tab on the app and then swipe until you see the debit card you wish to activate with N26. Note: You will need to be able to enter your N26 token number. This number is available to access to you from below your username. 

Step #5

Adding Funds to Your N26 Account

To add money to your N26 account, there are several options. Below are some of the most popular and common ways that N26 users add money to their account: 

Direct Deposit

To utilize money transfers via direct deposit, simply provide the sender of the funds with N26’s ABA routing number, along with providing your N26 account number. You can also fill in and complete a direct deposit form if you wish. These direct deposit forms can be printed out and filled in physically, too.

External Bank Transfer

To transfer from your external bank account to your N26 account is also a very simple process. Firstly, ensure your external bank account is linked to your N26 account. Once you’ve done this, you can launch the mobile app, press on add money followed by ‘external bank transfer’. Once you’ve done these steps you’ll be prompted to enter the amount you wish to transfer. Then the verification process of the transfer will be completed by supplying the 4 digit SMS pin you should be sent. Once all this is done, the transfer of funds to your N26 account from your external bank account should be scheduled. 

Third-Party Money Transfer Apps

N26 supports transferring funds from several other popular and common apps, too. These supported apps include the following: Cash App, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, and Ingo Money. 

Benefits of N26

Now that you’ve gone over how to get a basic understanding of N26, what are the main benefits of using N26? Below we’ve listed some of the most benefits that come with being an N26 user. 

  • Hidden Fees Are a Thing of the Past With N26: N26 doesn’t charge any hidden fees, such as maintenance charges or inactivity fees. This is one of the main negatives of using a traditional bank account.
  • Access to Detailed Statistics: Using N26 helps you visualize your spending habits even clearer. All purchases made using N26 are automatically organized into categories and sub-sections. This allows you to swiftly keep track of where you spend the most money every month. This in turn also helps you to manage your funds and budgets more effectively.
  • Money-Saving Capabilities N26 also incentivizes and promotes savings. With Spaces on N26, you can set goals for savings for particular reasons or items that you are striving toward building up the funds for down the line.


N26 has had a huge impact over the last year in the United States and will keep its popularity. Are you using N26? Let us know about your experience…

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Frequently Asked Questions On N26 For Americans

Is N26 available in the US?

Yes, N26 America has been operating since August 2020.

How do I know if I’m eligible to open an N26 account in the US?

If you’re above 18, have a permanent resident within the US, or are a US citizen with Social Security Number, you’re good to go. A smartphone that is compatible with N26 mobile application is essential, too.

Do I get a bonus if I refer my friend to use N26?

Yes, you’ll get $10 in your account once your referrals use the code you’ve provided to them. They’ll also get $5 in their account.

Does it make sense to get an N26 bank account as an American?

Yes, N26 in the US comes with benefits such as access to statistics and money-saving capacities. So getting an N26 bank account as an American is beneficial.

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