N26 Card: A Mastercard Accepted Worldwide

N26 Card: A Mastercard Accepted Worldwide

N26 is a pioneer in modern banking. Since its introduction in 2013, it has been offering regular features of banks through its mobile app, along with many advantages. As an “internet-only” bank service, it’s very popular among digital nomads, frequent travelers, and expats.

Thanks to its debit Mastercard, it lets you shop as you would do with regular debit cards from traditional banks. Let’s quickly analyze N26 card and how you can benefit.


What Is N26 Mastercard

N26 Mastercard is a card that comes along when you sign up for N26 premium bank account. When the sign-up is completed, you can start spending right away without waiting for your physical card to arrive.

You’re not a premium customer? Don’t worry! If your account is a standard N26 account, you can also ask for an N26 Mastercard. It’s a transparent card that comes with a one-off €10 delivery fee.

N26 Signature Transparent Mastercard

Note that N26 is a debit card and it lets you carry out transactions with the funds available in your account. It’s not a prepaid card, or either a credit card.

Benefits of N26 Mastercard

There are many benefits to getting an N26 Mastercard. Here are some of them to give you basic insights.

It’s Accepted Worldwide

As a digital nomad, it’s obviously a huge benefit to be able to use your debit card wherever you may go. N26 Mastercard is accepted globally. Plus, there are no transaction fees when you spend abroad. 

Safe and Secure

When using your N26 Mastercard, don’t worry about safety. N26 card has a Mastercard SecureCode that adds additional protection.

You’re in Control

Another highlight is that you can add your N26 card to your mobile wallet to make payments with your phone. You can lock or unlock your card, set a spending limit, or change your PIN code easily.

NFC Technology

N26 Mastercard is contactless, allowing you make quick payments either in stores, online or in-apps with one tap.

Get an Extra Card

If you’re a premium customer, you become eligible to require an extra card. This is a great option if you’re always losing things. Note that it’s available for some regions though.

How To Order Your N26 Card

Once you open your N26 account and your identity gets verified, you become entitled to get your Mastercard. You can choose the color of your N26 card depending on your preference.

Standard delivery takes up to 15 business days. If you’re living in a rural area it might take longer. You can easily track the delivery through your N26 mobile app. Standard delivery is free if it’s your first order (except for N26 Standard).

You can also opt for “Express Delivery” which takes up to three working days. The fee for this type of delivery starts from €25.

The good news is you can start using your card before it arrives. Just add your virtual N26 card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet and start shopping at stores where they support this payment method.

How To Activate Your N26 Card

When you receive your N26 card, you’ll need to make an activation first before you can make payments. To activate your card through the app:

  • Go to the Cards tab in the app
  • Swipe until you see the card you wish to activate
  • Tap “Cards” settings and make the activation
  • As the final step, make an ATM withdrawal


There you have it. We’ve given you the basics of the N26 card and how you can get and use it. Are you familiar with N26 and its services? Have you ever used any of them? Please let us know. If you’re new to N26, check out our N26 Review.

We’ll also be happy to see your comments in our growing forum. Feel free to leave a comment there, too.

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