Portugal Golden Visa for Australians

Portugal Golden Visa for Australians

One of our community’s goals is to be as helpful as possible about citizenship and residency programs around the world. This is why we’ve created this customized guide for our fellow Aussies, who have questions regarding the Portugal Golden Visa program.

What Is the Portuguese Golden Visa Program?  

The Portuguese Golden Visa program, put quite simply, is a route for non-EU citizens to gain residency in Portugal. If you’re over the age of 18, have a completely clean criminal record, and have the funds to make a qualifying investment in the country, you can be eligible.  

The program is available through real estate acquisition, fund investment, capital transfer, company setup, or donation. Check the below table for further explanation on the eligible investment methods.

Real Estate Acquisition

  • €500,000
  • €400,000 (for properties in low-density areas)
  • €350,000 (for properties that are older than 30 years, located in an urban rehabilitation area, and needs renovation)
  • €280,000 (for properties that are older than 30 years, located in a low-density and an urban rehabilitation area, and needs renovation)

Subscription in a qualifying Portuguese fund

  • €500,000

Capital transfer to Portugal

  • €1,5 million


  • €250,000 in preserving national heritage in Portugal
  • €500,000 in an R&D activity in Portugal


Company creation

  • Creating 10 new full-time jobs through a business in Portugal
  • €500,000 investment in an existing Portuguese business and creating five new full-time jobs

Once you’ve made your investment and prepared your documents, you can start your application at the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) in Portugal. SEF is the place where you’ll be visiting for the biometrics appointment too.

Why Should You Get a Portuguese Golden Visa

You might be wondering why you should get a Portuguese Golden Visa. Let’s quickly check the most significant benefits.

Include Your Family 

If your quest for a Plan B also includes your family, we have got the good news: The program allows you to include your immediate family members too. Your partner/spouse and children under the age of 18 are covered too. Note that if you have children above the age of 18 who are students or financially reliant on you, they may be covered as well, along with your senior parents.

Live in Portugal Freely 

Once you’ve obtained your Golden Visa, you don’t have to deal with another visas or residence permit. Your Golden Visa also functions as a work permit so you’re free to work if you wish.

Enjoy a Peaceful Life

Portugal, like Australia, has great nature and luckily there are many good surfing spots. Plus, it ranks better in terms of safety, and its stance against the pandemic was outstanding. Portugal is a sunny country that offers many nice beaches where you can relax as you’d in Australia. The bonus is that Portugal is cheaper.

Easily Travel Within Europe

When you obtain a Portugal Golden Visa and begin living in the nation, you will be able to travel more freely throughout Europe than you would from Australia. Weekend trips to the United Kingdom, Spain, or Morocco, two nearby nations, are all possible.

Become an EU Citizen in Time 

Eventually, if you complete all of the conditions within the five-year period, you will be able to obtain EU citizenship through Portugal. This will allow you to study, work, and reside in any of the European Union countries. Worth the wait! 

Getting Portuguese Citizenship Through Portuguese Golden Visa 

Australians can obtain Portugal citizenship through a Portuguese Golden Visa. You don’t have to live in Portugal full-time for this and you’re free to come and go out of the country. This is how it works:

  • You become a Golden Visa holder in Portugal and you get a temporary residence permit which is valid for two years.
  • You spend at least 14 days in Portugal in this two-year period.
  • Once your first two-year residence permit expires, you apply for a renewal.
  • Your residency is renewed for another three years
  • You stay in Portugal for 21 days in this three-year period
  • Once this process is over, which is five years in total, you can apply for Portugal citizenship.

Australia allows dual citizenship, which means you don’t have to give up on your Australian passport once you become a Portuguese citizen.

The Bottom Line 

There you have it. We hope this article has shed some light on your inquiries about Portugal Golden Visa. Please feel free to leave comments on our growing forum and exchange ideas with fellow digital nomads. Also, feel free to contact us if you want to be introduced to professionals. 

FAQ on Portugal Golden Visa for Australians

Do Australians need a visa for Portugal?

If you’re coming to Portugal as a tourist, you don’t need a visa. However, if you’re planning to live there for more than 90 days or longer, you’ll need a residence permit.

Is there any other Portugal visa Australia passport holders can apply for?

Yes, there is a D7 Portugal Visa Australian nationals can benefit from.

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