Hotspot Shield VPN Review 2024: The Complete Guide

Hotspot Shield VPN Review 2024: The Complete Guide

Hotspot Shield VPN offers high-quality services and has an impressive number of benefits for regular users. Hotspot Shield VPN has a handsome app and an array of security services that go far beyond VPN protection. It also boasts an impressive collection of servers around the globe, giving you many options for spoofing your location.

You can follow our in-depth Hotspot Shield VPN review below.

Features of Hotspot Shield VPN


12.99 USD/month




Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, TV, routers




Zero logs


Paypal,Credit card,Miscellaneous payment methods


Catapult Hydra, AES 256-bit


45 days


Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, uTorrent, Gaming Platforms

Hotspot Shield VPN Pros and Cons

Every service has pluses and minuses, no matter what platform it is delivered via. The Hotspot Shield VPN  isn’t any different. Some of the advantages and disadvantages we observed when utilizing Hotspot Shield VPN services are as follows:


  • Excellent speeds
  • The free version is available
  • Great security features
  • Most streaming services, including Netflix, are unblocked
  • Live chat customer support is 24/7
  • Global coverage is excellent


  • Only a few protocols are available.
  • Transparency is lacking.
  • In China, it doesn’t work.

What Are Hotspot Shield VPN’s Most Common and Prevalent Features?

Hotspot Shield is a reliable VPN service. Competitors using the extremely fast WireGuard or Lightway protocols can’t match their speeds. It’s wonderful since Hotspot is also ideal for Netflix streaming and torrenting, both of which require a lot of bandwidth. With their Premium membership, you also can receive new items, as well as all customers, can have access to a vast worldwide server network.

We’ve compiled a list of Hotspot Shield VPN’s most significant features so that you can make a comparison with other VPN services.

Speed and Performance 

Hotspot Shield promises to be the world’s fastest VPN. The VPN’s exclusive Catapult Hydra protocol was created to address lag concerns in the IPsec and OpenVPN protocols, which can slow down connections.

Speed Test Results for Hotspot Shield VPN

Depending on where you are right now, your results may differ. Your connection speed may also be affected by factors such as your internet provider and usage restrictions. As a result, the data shown here is only indicative of possible outcomes. They could, however, be able to inform us how the servers of Hotspot Shield VPN impact your overall connection speed.

Without VPN

These are the results of the speed test without using a VPN. 

US Server

UK Server

Germany Server

Varying Operating Systems Available 

Hotspot Shield VPN works on both computers and mobile devices. It’s simple to set up on Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, as well as iOS and Android devices. Even has a nice Chrome browser extension.

Hotspot Shield VPN Price Options

One month is the smallest membership period. It is the most costly, with the Premium plan costing $12.99 and the Family plan costing $19.99. Remember that the Premium and Family packages come with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

A one-year plan is the second choice. Meanwhile, the Premium version will cost $95.88, while the Family membership would cost $143.88. If you consider the monthly pricing rounded up, it appears to be less expensive: $7.99 and $11.99 per month.

The Premium (or Elite Premium, as it was formerly known) plan is a bundle that contains a password manager, antivirus, and spam-call blocker.


Is There Any Plan for Hotspot Shield VPN Free?

You can test Hotspot Shield for free without having to enter any payment information. You’ll be limited to 500MB a day single connection, with your speed slowed to 2 Mbps.

Is Hotspot Shield VPN Safe?

From a technological aspect, Hotspot Shield is a secure VPN provider. Your security is guaranteed by the avoidance of DNS leaks, robust encryption, and patented tunneling techniques.

Torrent Access 

Because it does not block P2P connections, Hotspot Shield VPN may be used for torrenting. Despite the lack of specialized torrent servers, its 3,000+ servers provide a sizable number of possibilities for finding a secure and fast connection for P2P downloads.

Multiple Accessibility 

Hotspot Shield VPN can access international YouTube material and other difficult-to-access sites including BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ that have more powerful anti-VPN procedures. It also can unblock Netflix but expect for the US.

Simultaneous Connections 

The Premium membership allows for five simultaneous connections, complete access to Hotspot Shield’s servers, and unlimited bandwidth. Premium Family boosts the number of simultaneous connections from five to twenty-five.

Log Policies and Protocols

According to the firm, it does not save any data on customers’ surfing habits. Your IP address is collected by the provider in order to keep up you to the best VPN server, but it is encrypted during usage and erased at the conclusion of your VPN session. Hotspot Shield also logs the domains—not whole URLs—of sites browsed by each VPN server, along with a timestamp, according to company spokespeople. This is also stated in the privacy policies.

Despite which tunnel protocol you use, your connection will be secured. You’ll only be able to choose between two protocols under Hotspot Shield’s advanced settings;

  • Catapult Hydra: Hotspot Shield’s own tunneling system,  as well as the widely used OpenVPN protocol.
  • IKEv2: Despite being a little older protocol, it’s still extensively utilized if a reliable connection is required.


Hotspot Shield is an excellent VPN provider. Even rivals using the super-fast WireGuard or Lightway protocols can’t match their speeds. It’s amazing since Hotspot also is ideal for intense activities like watching Netflix and torrenting. With their Premium membership, you also can receive new items, and all customers can have access to a massive worldwide server network.

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