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Best Cities for Digital Nomads in 2024

These days there is no shortage of cities that cater well for digital nomads. Many cities in Europe, the Americas, and Asia have turned into digital nomad hubs, catering for every need of digital nomads.

But what about the best cities for digital nomads? To make life easier for you, we have compiled a list of our top nine favorite locations below. We know that every digital nomad has their own preferences and budget, but we’ve taken three key features into consideration when listing these cities:

  • Internet
  • Cost of Living
  • Social Life

For the cost of living, we’ve collected data from Numbeo. Note that these figures are subject to change, so we recommend that you make a thorough search before you plan your relocation. We’ve also added some coworking space alternatives, but feel free to make your own search, too!

Let’s begin!

9 Best Cities For Digital Nomads

Chiang Mai – Thailand

Chiang Mai is a favorite location for digital nomads and has been hailed as one of the best cities to live in. Period.

Chiang Mai was once an ancient capital city. The town is full of temples and will appeal to all those who enjoy history and culture.

It is also very easy to get around in Chiang Mai, as it’s surrounded by mountains and lots of natural beauty. The climate is hot year-round, but there are a few monsoon months during the rainy season from September through November. If you love nature, history and want to explore different cultures, this might be the best city for you as a digital nomad.

Cost of Living: $520 per month, excluding rent
Best Coworking Spaces: MANA, Punspace
Pros: Delicious Thai food, lots of places to work from, easy to get around
Cons: Poor air quality

Canggu – Indonesia

If you are looking for a different experience in digital nomadism, Canggu might be the right choice. This small village located on Bali’s south coast has become popular with expats and locals alike over the last few years and is now considered to be one of Asia’s best-kept secrets when it comes to tourism.

Canggu is a popular spot with surfers as there are many different breaks nearby, and it’s also perfect for those who enjoy yoga. If you’re looking to work from the beach, this might be an option for you.

Canggu has a laid-back vibe, which makes it very appealing to digital nomads wanting some downtime in between work.

Cost of Living: $580 per month, excluding rent
Best Coworking Spaces: Dojo, OutPost, Tropical Nomad
Pros: Surfing, friendly people, cafes
Cons: High traffic, poor hygiene

Living in Bali: A Useful Guide for Digital Nomads

Medellin – Colombia

Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia and has experienced a revival over the last few years.

This beautiful city was once known as one of the most dangerous cities in all of South America, but now it’s considered to be one of the best places on earth.

The climate allows for many outdoor activities throughout the year, and there are lots of free outdoor concerts, theater, and art exhibits for you to enjoy.

Medellin is a perfect city if you want to work hard during the day and relax in style once dusk rolls around.

Cost of Living: $420 per month, excluding rent
Best Coworking Spaces: Selina
Pros: Beautiful weather, large expat community, breathtaking nature
Cons: Crime can be an issue

Lisbon – Portugal

Lisbon is one of Europe’s oldest cities and has a lot to offer for digital nomads. The city was once known as “a storehouse of knowledge” thanks to many libraries that were present during its golden age, which lasted from the 15th to 16th century. Today it still remains an important center for education and is home to many universities, including the world-renowned Technical University of Lisbon.

Lisbon has a number of cultural attractions that digital nomads will enjoy; it’s also surrounded by beaches for those who want to take some time off work and relax.

Cost of Living: $700 per month, excluding rent
Best Coworking Spaces: Cowork Central, Rocket Hub, Second Home
Pros: Walkable, safe
Cons: A bit touristy

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina and was once known as “the Paris of South America.” The architecture in this beautiful city will appeal to anyone with an artistic mind.

Today, Buenos Aires continues to be one of Latin America’s most visited cities by tourists from all over the world. It has a distinctly European feel, which makes it a popular destination for digital nomads.

Buenos Aires is also one of the cheapest cities on this list, and it’s becoming known as an attractive city to live in due to its affordability and thriving economy.

Cost of Living: $445 per month, excluding rent
Best Coworking Spaces: Urban Station, Manawa, Huerta
Pros: Vibrant nightlife, incredible food
Cons: Crime and safety

Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is a popular destination for expats and digital nomads alike. It’s known as Vietnam’s economic center, but it has a number of beautiful tourist attractions that you will enjoy if you’re looking to get away from your computer screen every once in a while!

The city is filled with modern skyscrapers and lots of construction, but it also has its fair share of historic buildings.

There are many museums to visit in Ho Chi Minh City that will appeal to fans of history and culture – the War Remnants Museum is particularly popular.

If you’re looking for a city with shopping malls, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues available late into the night, then Ho Chi Minh City is the place for you.

Cost of Living: $480 per month, excluding rent
Best Coworking Spaces: Spiced, Dreamplex
Pros: Nightlife, big-city amenities, affordable prices
Cons: Noisy and chaotic 

Bangkok – Thailand

Bangkok is Thailand’s capital city and also one of the largest cities in all of Asia, which makes it a popular destination for digital nomads.

It has an exciting nightlife scene that will appeal to party-goers who want to let their hair down after working hard on their laptops during the day. There are bars, clubs, karaoke venues, and other attractions that will keep you entertained at night.

The city is also home to many temples – over 100 of them. You’ll be able to admire the architecture as well as view Buddhist statues and artwork during your visit. If you’re a history buff, then this is something worth seeing if you have time on your trip.

Cost of Living: $590 per month, excluding rent
Best Coworking Spaces: Spaces, Hubba, WeWork
Pros: Affordable and comfortable homes, large expat community 
Cons: Poor air quality and traffic

Budapest – Hungary

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and was once known as “the Pearl of the Danube.”

Today, it’s home to many universities and has a youthful feel about it. You’ll meet lots of friendly locals who will be happy to show you around their city if they see that your camera is out!

As a digital nomad, you will have no problem finding other expats to connect with within the city.

Cost of Living: $610 per month, excluding rent
Best Coworking Spaces: Impact Hub, Loffice, Kaptar
Pros: Amazing food, relaxed nightlife, walkable
Cons: Extreme winters 

Istanbul – Turkey

Istanbul is the most popular city in Turkey and one of the most visited places in all of Europe. It has a rich history that goes back to around 3000 BC, which makes it an ideal location for those who love ancient civilizations as well as modern attractions.

You’ll find many cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and other entertainment spots open late into the night – perfect if you want to socialize with other digital nomads after work.

Cost of Living: $406 per month, excluding rent
Best Coworking Spaces: Impact Hub, Workinton, Kolektif House
Pros: Affordable living
Cons: Safety can be an issue, especially at night

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There it is – a list of the best cities for digital nomads.

If you’re looking to become location-independent and enjoy living in different places around the world, then these are all great options that will give you lots to do during your time on and off from work. 

Have you ever been to any of these cities? Let us know in the forum discussion below. Also, feel free to recommend any other cities that are digital-nomad friendly…

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